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With this fret calculator you can easily calculate the fret positions to saw the slots in the fretboard. The scale length of an instrument is the area where the strings can freely vibrate (see image). Enter the desired length in the length (scale) scale. You can enter the length in millimeters or inches.

The calculator immediately calculates all positions. The sizes shown are in the heart of the fret. That is, the center of the slot to be cut.

It is best to use the first column (Nut to fret) and to count from the top of the fretboard (nut).

If you calculate from fret to fret, mistakes can easily occur and it is much less accurate. The most pure thing is if you clamp a ruler on the fretboard, flush with the top, and in this way mark all fret positions. When you have signed off all positions, carefully re-check all sizes. A mistake is easily made.

The orange marked positions (12 and 24) are the octaves. The 12th position is exactly half the specified scale length.

The calculator can be used for many string instruments. A total of 24 fret positions are calculated, but you do not have to use all of them. This does not change the scale length and all sizes remain the same.

The most common scale lengths:

  • Classical guitar - 650mm
  • Gibson - 24.75" / 629mm
  • Fender - 25.5" / 648mm
  • PRS - 25" / 635mm



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