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The tonewood and parts specialist for the guitar maker

Japanese tools
GBW CenterJig

CenterJig from the Gitaarbouwwinkel to mark the center on a piece of wood, for example a neck.

Japanese tools

The Gitaarbouwwinkel MultiScraper is a revolutionary tool for smoothing wood surfaces, arched instrument tops, bindings, and more.


According to many luthiers the best quality glue you can find!
GluBoost produces products specially designed for the luthier and guitar repair industry.

Japanese tools
Japanese tools

Here you will find all the Japanese tools that we have in our range. The Japanese have mastered the working of steel like no other ...

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ZAP Z-Poxy is the perfect choice for finishing your projects. This high-quality resin provides a durable and glossy finish that makes your creations shine. With a fast curing time and excellent adhesion properties, ZAP Z-Poxy is the ideal choice for all your hobby and craft projects. Let your creativity run wild with ZAP Z-Poxy!

Cocobolo 55