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Gitaarbouwwinkel MultiScraper

The Gitaarbouwwinkel MultiScraper is a revolutionary tool for smoothing wood surfaces, arched instrument tops, bindings, and more. Here are some key features and benefits of the MultiScraper:

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The MultiScraper is a revolutionary tool for smoothing wood surfaces, arched instrument tops, bindings, and more. Here are some key features and benefits of the MultiScraper:

  • - 3 mm tool steel
  • - Dimensions 98x45 mm

1. Sharpness and Cutting Efficiency:

   - The scraper is designed to provide an ultra-smooth wood surface, and nothing beats the efficiency of a good sharp scraper.

   - The tempered steel edges are durable and maintain a sharp cutting edge for a longer time, ensuring effective wood smoothing.

2. Innovative Shapes:

   - The scraper comes in refined shapes that are superior for working on arched tops and flat or curved surfaces.

3. Thickness and Stiffness:

   - The scraper is 3mm thick, providing additional stiffness compared to standard scraper blades.

   - This thickness helps greatly reduce chatter, making the tool more stable and efficient during use.

4. Dual Working Edges:

   - The tool features two working edges, allowing for scraping with both pull and push strokes.

   - Having two cutting edges eliminates the need for flexing and minimizes chattering, saving time and effort during woodworking tasks.

5. Versatility:

   - The scraper is versatile and suitable for various applications, including smoothing bindings, shaping necks, and working on different steps in the process of creating a new neck.

In summary, the MultiScraper stands out for its practical improvements, durability, versatility, and innovative shapes, making it a go-to tool for luthiers and woodworkers who demand precision and quality in their craftsmanship.

The process of sharpening the Ultimate Scraper is outlined for optimal results:

1. Hollow grind technique:

   - To achieve the best results, it is recommended to hollow grind the edge perpendicular to the centerline of the scraper.

   - Set the tool rest on your grinder perpendicular to the wheel and grind all around.

   - Use a fine wheel, and avoid applying excessive pressure during the grinding process.

2. Edge Dressing on a Fine Stone:

   - After hollow grinding, the edge can be further dressed on a fine stone, with or without a guide block.

   - This step helps refine and perfect the cutting edge for a smooth and effective performance.

3. Smooth Cut and Reduced Chattering:

   - The sharpened scraper is designed to provide an extremely smooth cut, even on soft or highly figured wood.

   - Due to its weight and design, the scraper has little tendency to chatter during use, contributing to a more stable and efficient cutting experience.

4. Low Heat Generation:

   - The scraper is mentioned to not heat up during use, ensuring that the woodwork is not affected by excess heat, and the tool remains comfortable to handle.

5. Thumb-Friendly Design:

   - Unlike a "normal" scraper that may be "sprung" in use, the Ultimate Scraper is noted to be easier on the thumbs.

   - The design contributes to a more ergonomic and user-friendly experience during prolonged use.

6. Re-sharpening Process:

   - To re-sharpen the MultiScraper, simply lap the surface on a fine stone and re-grind the edge.

   - This process allows for easy maintenance and ensures the tool remains sharp for continued effective use.

7. Grinder for MultiScraper:

   - A Grinder is recommended for sharpening MultiScraper. Its grinding wheel is of the correct diameter for maintaining the hollow-ground edge of the scrapers.

   - A custom steel table is added to perfectly support the Ultimate Scrapers and keep them level during the sharpening process.

In summary, the sharpening process for the MultiScraper involves hollow grinding, edge dressing on a fine stone, and re-grinding when needed. A grinder is recommended for quick and accurate sharpening.

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