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Guitar making course 4 hrs.

Learn to make your own guitar with our guitar making courses of 4 hrs.!

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Learn to make your own handmade guitarFoto10.jpg

At this group course, we will be making your own guitar.

You will learn which steps there are in making your very own acoustic guitar.





At the end of the building process, wou will be going home with your own beautiful handmade guitar, wich is made under the guidelines of Riemersma Guitars.


Which steps are there in making a acoustic guitar:


- You know what kinds woods is out there and what you should use.

- A roadmap and guidance in making a handmade guitar.

- Confidence to build a guitar at home.


The couse is intended for everyone, with or without wood working skills.


Never thought if i would succeed, making my own guitar. The first lesson is a littlebit weird, you are looking at the wood and you're watching the already made guitars by Ramon. You play, they just sound good ... hm. You look back to your package boards... Still a long way to go, you think. And can i do it? But step by step slowly the guitar comes together. And with the proper explanation it is not that difficult. The bar is high. But yes. Then you realize that there is otherwise no nice guitar comes out. Let alone, that it  plays nice. Several weeks go by. First coffee, a nice chat, build, occasionally a picture ... and after short time you'll really looking forward to the lesson. Nice relaxing build a unique guitar. Until. ... ready, and it is sounding good. "Oops sorry, the course is done". I cannot fail to agree to go back regularly. Too bad it's so far is from the far Limburg in Belgium, but it is a little bit coming home. Anyway thanks Ramon for the proficient guidance, the pleasant chats and the tasty coffee.


L. Brans, Herk de Stad, België







Guitar making course saturday 4 hours:


Once every fort night, from 10:00h to 14:00h, making your own guitar under the guidance of Ramon Riemersma.


What is involved in making your own guitar? With this course you will go a lot faster and more can be done in just one day










We will be dealing with the following subjects:


- Moisture and temperature in the workshop.

- How do you recognize good tonewood.

- Different steps during the build.

- What components affect the sound of an instrument.





In these lessons you will be guided 4 hours in a group in making your own guitar. The course can start as long if there is place for a new student at any given time of the year.


The costs for this course are €60,- including VAT for every saturday, with 3 students, including the use of my tools but without wood and materials.


The woods and materials you can choose yourself as long as it does not affect the sound of the instrument. Riemersma Guitars can supply you with different kind of woods and materials at an advantageous rate. The price of wood can vary a lot but they usually starts at €250,- to €400,- for a complete guitar.




But it is not all about guitars, because the coffee and tea are always waiting for you! 




It is hard to say how long it will take you to finish your guitar. It take most of my students about a year to make a guitar. It is also possible to work at home if you have the same climate as in my workshop. You can always ask if you have questions or problems. There are no specials skills needed to make a guitar. Most of my students have normal jobs in every day live and are not experienced wood workers.



Sign up on the waiting list or check the NON-Stop course.

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