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Nitro Cellulose blanke lak amber kleurig transparant

Nitro Cellulose lak vintage amber kleurig transparant in een spuitbus 500 ml.

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Deze lak is transparant en wordt gebruikt om het hout te kleuren zodat de nerf zichtbaar blijft. Hoe meer lagen, hoe donkerder het hout. Spuit een aantal laagjes totdat de kleur naar wens is en lak het geheel dan af met blanke lak.


Nitrocellulose lacquer has been used on guitars since the fifties and sixties because of its excellent characteristics. Forming a very thin layer it allows the wood to resonate freely with little restraint. It can be spot repaired easily and when buffed, shows a beautifull shine. Finally, the way this lacquer ages (cracking, yellowing, checking) adds to the character of the instrument. 

Only use this aerosol in well ventilated, dry areas with a temperature of at least 15'C. Aerosols produce a lot of fine dust, remove or cover all items that don't need lacquer. Always wear protective clothes/gloves/glasses! 

Shake the spray can well (up side down) for a few minutes. Test the lacquer on a small piece of wood, metal, etc. Make sure the area to be painted is clean, free from dust, grease etc.
Hold the spray can vertically approximately 20cm from the area to be painted. Slowly move the can from side to side and begin spraying, while keeping a consistent distance. When changing direction release and reapply pressure. Apply a thin layer of lacquer and wait for 10 minutes before spraying the next. It can take up to a few days for the lacquer to reach maximum strength.

After using the aerosol, hold it up side down and spray untill only gas is coming from the nozzle. Now you can safely store it for future use.



500 ml.
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