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Gitaar bouwpakket Boston LP-45

Gitaar bouwpakket Boston LP-45

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Gitaar bouwpakket Boston, Launcher Pro model, mahogany/flamed maple body, mahogany set neck, pauferro fb

Arched top guitar kit, mahogany body with a flamed maple veneer top. A real head-turner! The classic double humbucker solid body is ready to take shape in your hands. The set neck has a perfect fit. All parts feel professional and are made of high quality tone wood. Mahogany/flamed maple for the body, mahogany neck, pau ferro for the fingerboard. The fingerboard inlay resembles real abalone and the body has a faux abalone binding. A classy touch. The neck is already equipped with frets and neck and the body is already aligned. All parts are included in the package such as pickups, screws, potentiometers, switches, tuners and strings. Furthermore you can of course enjoy them with paint and/or specify the color or gloss you want. If you wish to continue viewing the wood grain, then the clear coat is an excellent choice to emphasize the grain of the wood. The DIY guitar Boston is a fun, easy and creative way to create your own unique guitar. All parts are included, even strings. The squared-off headstock is ready to take shape under your fingers. Let your imagination run free.

Take some time and patience and bring some experience in handywork and you can achieve great things!

  • body : mahogany with flamed maple veneer
  • neck : mahogany
  • fingerboard : pau ferro
  • bridge : T.O.M. chrome
  • pickups : 2 x humbucker, chrome
  • hardware : chrome

Some experience in handywork is necessary to complete this kit to a playable instrument.

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Gitaar bouwpakket Boston LP-45

Gitaar bouwpakket Boston LP-45

Gitaar bouwpakket Boston LP-45

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