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Glued alder solid body

Glued alder solid body500/450 x 380 x 45 mm

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Our alder (alnus glutinosa) guitar bodies have been kiln dried and are ready to use. Each body is made of two pieces, perfectly matched and joined together with Titebond glue. Both faces of the body are sanded and a stamp indicates which is the top and which is the back.

Alder is one of the favorite woods used for solid body guitars and basses, mainly due to its light weight, balanced tonal response and good resonance. This wood has soft, tight pores similar to basswood, but with a bold harder grain which adds to the stiffness, making it more robust. The colour is medium light tan with a slight pinkish tint. 

Alder has a balanced tone, without much accentuation in any area, aside from a slightly pronounced upper midrange - which helps with clarity. It is fairly resonant and complex, with a good dynamic range. 

While it is known for great Blues and Rock tones, it is very flexible, making for a very adaptable guitar that can fit most musical styles.

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